About Eye Health APPG

We are a Cross Party Group of MPs and Peers with an interest in tackling
issues within Eye Health and those affecting people living with sight loss.

Details on APPG

The APPG on Eye Health and Visual Impairment has a focus on the Eye Care pathway, Employment and Mental Health. We were established to strengthen Parliament’s role in developing eye health and sight loss related policy. We scrutinise policies and practices related to eye health and visual impairment and work to bring about improvements.

Eye Health APPG raise awareness,
educate,  hold to account and influence
and shape future policy. We aim to:

Be a Forum for Parliamentarians to be informed, and discuss issues related to eye health and issues facing people living with sight  loss, learn about the latest evidence and make recommendations to policy makers.

Act as a space to build the understanding of Parliamentarians and civil society to support their effective advocacy, advice and scrutiny of relevant UK Government and departments

Secretariat Support provided by Thomas Pocklington Trust and RNIB

Thomas Pocklington Trust is a leading advocate of equality for blind and partially sighted people. We are a charitable organisation primarily staffed by people who are blind or partially sighted and we have a dedicated membership of over 200 volunteers who have lived experience of sight loss. Our mission is to support blind and partially sighted people to bring about equity and inclusion in every aspect of society.

To find out more, visit: www.pocklington.org.uk

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is one of the UK’s leading sight loss charities and the largest community of blind and partially sighted people. We provide a wealth of services including practical and emotional support through our RNIB Connect community and our Sight Loss Advice Service, guide business and public services on accessibility, campaign for change, and have a library of over 60,000 accessible reading materials, including daily newspapers.

Every day 250 people begin to lose their sight. We want society, communities and individuals to see differently about sight loss. In our 150th year RNIB renewed our focus on creating a world where there are no barriers to people with sight loss.

To find out more, visit: www.rnib.org.uk